There goes that.

As I mentioned in my last post, my podcast plan for 2011 was 12 podcasts in 12 months. Well, it doesn't look like it's going to happen. I've been struck by the nightmare of all nightmares, the cruelest break of all cruel breaks (for computer users), I've been struck with a hard drive crash.

The irony here is that just this past weekend, not 4 days ago, I had mentioned to my wife that this weekend, a mere 3 days away from our conversation, I planned to buy a new laptop and a second external for the express purpose of backing up my files. A dedicated backup system to preserve my precious collection.

I'm doing what I can to recover my drive but as it stands now, there's a good chance that I've lost approximately 6,000 albums featuring 85,000 individual mp3s. I've spent a decent chunk of the last 5 years arranging and digitizing my collection. Curating it has been such an enormous time, and financial, investment for me. Words cannot express how emotionally devastated am I by this. I've taken the drive to a highly recommended, and quite costly, data recovery service so hope is not completely lost but in a possibly feeble attempt to soften the emotional blow, I'm preparing myself for the worst. The mere idea of rebuilding my collection seems so daunting that I'm not even sure that I'll even attempt to do it. I may just resign myself to handful of tracks on my phone and leave at that. We'll see.

So the many moods of larrydigital series is done. For now. Thanks to all of you who've listened or bothered to read this blog. I hope to be back soon.

Goodbye for now.

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Builder Bee said...

I enjoyed your music and podcasts, I have many friends that I referred to listen to your music, don't give up my friend....