Good Riddance?

So it's been years since I actually listened to 97.1 FM Talk (KLSX in Los Angeles). Mostly because I find Adam Corolla boring, Tom Leykis phony and Heidi, Frosty and Frank completely uninteresting.

That being said, I was surprised to hear that 97.1 FM Talk suddenly went off the air yesterday and was replaced by a Top 40 radio station. What confuses me about it is that I just don't understand how many Top 40 radio stations actually need to exist. I mean, ok, let's say you're a fan of Top 40 music.... do you really know not where to find Rihanna songs on the radio? I mean, aren't there quite a few of these stations already? Like I aid, I personally didn't listen to 97.1 Talk but at least it offered up an alternative to what was being played on every other FM radio station out here in Los Angeles.

It's a tough time for radio. First Indie 103.1 and 97.1 FM Talk. Luckily, Sirius/XM got rescued from bankruptcy but then again, according to an e-mail I just got, they're raising their rates. I probably won't be renewing my subscription and who knows how many other people might follow suit.

Well, I suppose there's always podcasts. Hey, since I mentioned it.... check out the many moods of larrydigital!

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