Everybody Loves Chris!

Well, everyone except DJ Mbenga.

Earlier today, the Lakers traded long-suffering center Chris Mihm to the Memphis Grizzlies for a conditional 2nd round pick in 2013. Man, that's rough. Essentially, it's a cost-cutting move. The Lakers shed the remainder of Mihm's salary, plus a dollar-for-dollar tax for being over the luxury threshold. The rough part is that they got nothing for him which has to suck if you're the guy getting traded. Basically the Lakers are saying that Mihm's contract is more useful to them if he's playing for free for a different team rather than playing for the team he's been with for the last three years.

If you're an NBA player, what does THAT do to your ego?

Now, most Laker fans don't care for Chris because he's a seven footer that's currently averaging 1.9 rebounds a game. To be fair, being in Los Angeles hasn't exactly been easy for Chris. As soon he arrives here from the Boston Celtics in a trade for Rick Fox, he's asked be the first Lakers' center in the post-Shaquille O'Neal era which is a tough task in itself. Then he goes on to have a whole bunch of ankle injuries with caused him to missed the entire 2008 season.

I happen to like the guy though. I mean, sure he wasn't the most athletic guy on the court but he worked hard when he was out there. What can I say? I have something of a soft spot for guys who bust their ass out there. So yeah, I like the Chris Mihms of the NBA, the Brian Cardinals, the Ira Newbles, the Mark Madsens. I just think that in this day and age of the NBA, where "stars" are consistently whining about phantom injuries, a guy who goes out there and does his best when he can as hard as he can is something to be appreciated.

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