Thanks for the feedback... JERK

It's been a couple of days since I added the iTunes link for the many moods of larrydigital and so far it's gotten a pretty decent response. Honestly, I've gotten a lot more feedback than I expected. Some of it has been positive ("Really great mix of songs"), some of it has been constructive ("You need to turn up your vocals"), some of it has been a little baffling ("Stop talking, just play the music") and some of it has been kind of messed up (hence, the jerk part of this post's title).

Real quick about the podcast in general, I'm sort of treating the whole thing as a work in progress. I mean, I know there are some technical issues that need improvement but I'd like to think that I'm improving as I go. I think Episode 2 is slightly better than Episode 1 and I'd like to think that Episode 3 (currently under construction!) will be slightly better than Episode 2. Honestly, I could tinker with these things forever. You can't tell by listening to it but there's a certain part of Episode 1 that I recorded and re-recorded 10 times. So I just sort of release an episode as soon as I'm reasonably happy with it. Otherwise, I'd keep tinkering and tinkering and tinkering and the damn thing would never get released.

But you know, the way I see it, in a way all feedback is positive. It means that people are at least a little interested in what I'm doing. I've maintained a website in one form or another for the last 8 years and one question I've always wondered about was whether or not anyone ever notices what I'm doing. Especially since prior to release of the podcasts, I wasn't really offering anything other than my witty repartee. I mean Bean Robot offers his artistic creations, Suddenly Chadwick offers his original insights plus his creator-owned comic, Rennin. Me? I've got nothing. So really, is anyone reading this?

Probably not.

Early on in the life of larrydigital.com I just accepted the fact that no one notices what I'm doing. No one reads my blog, no one sees my pictures, no one cares about my thoughts. And I'm fine with that. I mean, isn't all this blogging stuff just ego stroking anyway? In the sea of crappy content that is the internet, there's just so much going on, it's ridiculous to think that random strangers are thinking, "Hey, I wonder what larrydigital thinks about the Lakers' personnel decisions." Every once in a while, I notice that I get a few hits but I always assume that someone's probably looking for info on Sensei Larry Reynosa and they just took a wrong turn somewhere.

I've taken the extremely long way to get here but my point is this.... if by some strange twist of fate someone is actually reading this, whether you're here on purpose or you stumbled in accidentally, I'm glad you made it. Thanks for stopping by. Hang out for a bit, take a look around. I'll try not to bore you too much.

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Anonymous said...

Larry: The podcasts are great. Keep it going. Hell, I've been coming to you for advice on doing one of these myself, so what does that tell you?

Actually, I think you'd be surprised by how many people might read your blog. I am always shocked when I get an e-mail or a response out of the blue from someone I had no idea even knew it existed. My biggest problem with Larry Digital over the years? Not enough posting! Glad to see you are showing up here on a more regular basis lately.